Casa de Colzey

Extensive food garden featuring raised beds, many multiples of vertical growing systems and very narrow pathways with direct street frontage. Great examples of chop n drop mulching to reduce inputs and improve soil fertility, espaliered fruit trees, vines, berries, abundance everywhere you look!

Saturday opening hours

10:00 am


4:00 pm


It was late 2016 when a shovel first hit the aquaphobic, lifeless, sandy soils of our little patch of paradise. What were we thinking!?! Clay soils may break your back, but sandy soils, they break your heart… Needless to say, there’s been loads of learnings and soil building since then. Garden bed by garden bed, we’ve been extending our edible landscape and sharing the abundance with family, friends, neighbours and even cheeky wildlife…

We are guided by Permaculture ethics and principles, embedding whole systems thinking into our garden design and seasonal practice. For those who are good on the day, there’s verge gardens, veggie beds, fruit trees, food forests, compost bins, chicken runs, ponds and more. For the naughty, I’m sure we can find a small patch of grass for you… somewhere…

Good news! Unlike in 2022 when it was a construction zone, our backyard will be open to visitors as well as the front, and we’ll be conducting a small number of dedicated tours. We look forward to sharing what we’ve learnt and learning from others through their stories. Come by and say hi!


Wood chipped paths with limited wheelchair and pram access. Also, we have (edit: Matt *thinks* he has) the 'gift of the gab' and people visiting our garden gets us (Matt) excited, therefore you may find it more comfortable if you bring ear protection... 😉

Tour Times

11am & 1:30pm tours from front verge through to backyard.