Permie Life

Cottage style edible garden with perennials, annuals and fruit trees interspersed. Vertical growing and wildlife protection in use, chickens with deep litter system, ponds and food is free verge garden.

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We’ve been working on our garden for 12 years and discovered permaculture 5 years ago. This completely changed my approach to gardening (and life!) with the realisation that what really needed doing was to improve our extremely sandy soil. We’ve been implementing my permaculture design bit by bit, mostly working on improving the soil with homemade compost, green manures, a deep litter chicken system, so much mulch and a lot of love and care! It’s a long process but its paying dividends. Slowly we have taken over the lawn adding new beds every year and my original design has morphed and evolved.
My garden style is a mix of perennials and annuals in a cottage style layout with small fruit trees interspersed. It’s a beautiful mess! As the weather becomes more and more unpredictable we’re working to make our garden more resilient to excessive rains and long dry spells. We’ve introduced a new drainage system including deep woodchip trench pathways, repairing the sodden soil, and building up our caged raised garden beds again.
I’m working towards adding more fruit and nut trees to create a dwarf food forest, adding more habitat for wildlife, and adding guttering to our shed and chook house for water collection and storage.
I’m really looking forward to sharing my garden with visitors!


Stay on marked paths, not wheelchair accessible

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