The Chef’s Garden

This pretty and productive front garden is truly a chef's joy. Providing herbs, edible flowers, and other unique plants to help provide inspiration and creativity for the seasonal menus for the Chef's Garden café almost directly across the road in the Impact Plants Nursery. Visit the garden and then make sure you pop over to the Café for a delicious bite to eat.

Sunday opening hours

9:00 am


1:00 pm

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My husband bought our property 7 years ago. It was literally a beautiful lush, tropical rainforest. Not knowing anything about permaculture when we purchased, we decided that clearing the land would solve our mosquito problem. If only I knew then, what I know now.

During this time, I had been suffering quite badly with my mental health and was looking for ways to connect. I found myself on one of Meg McGowan’s Introduction to Permaculture courses. From there, I joined up for Meg’s first Permaculture Design Course, and used our house as my design project.

I had no idea about gardening, growing or Permaculture. All I knew is that it resonated and ignited something inside of me that I hadn’t felt before. Learning the principles and values of Permaculture, along with my job as a qualified Chef, I started saving and composting any organic matter I could get my hands on. We had a gum felled on the property, lined the garden beds with the trunks, started composting in situ and building the soil like a crazy lady. I then started planting all of my favourite herbs, spices, perennials and annual. My love for edible flowers and medicinal herbs came not long after.

In terms of a specific process with planting, I don’t have one. I literally just chuck it in wherever and see what I learn from it. Has it flourished – why? Let’s dehydrate it, extract its oils, mill it into spices and preserve it for later. The creativity is limitless and so exciting.

I have been fortunate to be able to combine my love of gardening, cooking and permaculture and have recently opened up a café, directly across the road from my home. The Chef’s Garden (formally Impact Plants, nursery & café) has been open for 3 months and, as the name suggests, reflects seasonality – what’s growing in my garden inspires what goes out in our dishes. The café is surrounded by a beautiful tropical oasis with over 40 years of rainforest inspired growth.

The Chef’s Garden is now primarily growing herbs, edible flowers, and other unique plants to help support our inspiration and creativity for our seasonal menus. The way nature intended.


The garden paths are lined with mulch so would be difficult for wheelchair access. Please also be aware of uneven ground.

Tour Times

Talk @ 9am - about the garden & how I implement what we grow into the café kitchen. Edible flowers & herb posies will be for sale