The Downsizer

This delightful and very productive garden is a great example of just how much food can be grown in a small space - with room for an active dog and relaxation spaces. Through clever pruning, fruit trees are kept at optimum height for a manageable yield. The property also has a lovely north facing native habitat garden which includes native and non-native edibles.

Saturday opening hours

10:30 am


12:00 pm


The Downsizer

The Garden began in Winter 2019 when we downsized to a smaller house and block.

The North facing front garden is a native habitat garden, with some native and non-native edibles.

The Back garden is our production garden featuring a food forest on the fence line which is also used as a privacy screen, with raised garden beds, and pots, in front of the food trees. There is a Pomegranate feature in middle of grass for eventual shade in summer and sun in winter.  Picking herbs and small trees are in pots throughout the garden.  Experimental Espalier low chill apples are on the dog exclusion fence.

Other features:  Water tank for watering garden.  2 compost bins. Converted BBQ for potting bench.

Considerations were:

  • flat block which was a previous Wetland so the water table is high and it is important not to expose the soil more than a spade depth due to Acid sulphate soil.
  • Ease of access to the raised garden beds
  • All plantings in raised mounds or beds so plants don’t have to cope with wet feet.
  • Keeping the energetic young dog out of the production garden areas
  • Providing grass for the dog and humans.
  • Various sitting contemplation cuppa places at front and back both in sun(winter) and shade(summer)


The block is flat with some uneven surfaces.

Tour Times

A guided tour will be offered every 10 minutes, starting at 11am. Free Loofah seeds for visitors. A small number of Rosemary and tomato plants will be available for $2 each.