Growing food and community locally

a weekend to explore edible gardens across the Central Coast

The Central Coast Edible Garden Trail is a weekend of inspiration, connection and so much fun! Grab your ticket early so you have plenty of time to peruse the huge range of gardens.

Garden hosts will share their passion, wisdom and practical know-how to a steady flow of visitors. If you’re looking for in depth information on a particular garden be sure to arrive for a scheduled tour where the host will take a group through their garden and explain their systems, design and plant choices, what’s worked and what hasn’t.

Or feel free to wander through on your own to enjoy each beautiful and unique space.

All of our garden hosts and organisers are volunteers, giving their time and wisdom freely. The funds raised through ticket sales are redistributed to our local community – read more about what we did with last year’s monies.

The Trail is self-guided so you can decide which gardens you’d like to visit. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about:

  • Food forests
  • Small animal systems including deep litter, chook tractors and integrated food forests
  • Water management including swales, rain gardens and ponds
  • No dig raised beds and sheet mulching
  • Keeping bees – Native and European
  • Habitats for wildlife
  • Building healthy soil through compost, worm farms, deep litter, chop and drop and green manure crops
  • Mandala gardens
  • Gardens for biodiversity

So bring along your keen observation skills and an arm full of questions. We can’t wait to share these inspirational gardens with you.