Plan Your Trail


You’ve purchased your tickets and arranged a car-pool with some like-minded friends! Now to decide on which gardens to visit and plan your Central Coast Edible Garden Trail!

Pace yourself

First up, check out the Garden Profiles. You can filter by location, opening days and tour times.

Think about what you’d like to see and start making a list (You can download and use this handy planner). Most gardens offer tour times so you can plan around these if you prefer to be shown around. Or you can wander around the gardens at your own pace (many have maps), and chat to the garden hosts.

The Central Coast is spread out and it can take a while to get from one garden to another. We’ve grouped the gardens according to geographical areas – north, south and mid Central Coast, so consider combining a few gardens in the same region with coffee or a lunch stop at a local café, or a picnic at a community garden or park. Take your time and enjoy your day!

We’ll send you the full list of gardens with their addresses and other details two weeks before the Trail.

Food Forest in Eagle Ridge Permaculture. Photo Credit: Eagle Ridge Permaculture
Volunteer holding a colourful map of Frog Hollow garden

Safety and Comfort

You’ll be exploring working gardens, so please wear appropriate footwear. Don’t forget your hat, sunnies and sunscreen… and maybe an umbrella, you never know what the weather will bring.

Our hosts have taken all reasonable precautions to make their gardens safe for your visit. However, there are always possible inherent dangers in any garden, including bees and other insects, unsteady paths and walkways, ponds and other garden features.

Please make sure that you:

  • stay on marked paths
  • take note of any hazard signs
  • keep your children with you, or in sight, at all times
  • do not enter any areas marked ‘private’ or ‘out of bounds’
  • act within the limitations of your own fitness and take care to prevent tripping, slipping and falling incidents.

Unless noted, toilets will not be available at gardens. You can check here for the nearest public toilets.

Check the garden profiles to see which are wheelchair and stroller friendly.


There won’t be refreshments available at the gardens, so please bring water and snacks with you.

Consider planning a picnic at one of the Central Coast’s beautiful parks, community gardens, or visit one of our amazing cafés or restaurants.

Culinary herbs in pots
Aaron and Joe with seedlings

Parking and Transport

Make note of the parking instructions for each site. If parking on the roadside, do not park across private driveways or in driveways.

Given the sprawling nature of the Central Coast, the number of gardens accessible via public transport will be limited. There are a few gardens close to Gosford and Narara stations that could be reached by bicycle.