Past Gardens

Northern Central Coast Region


‘Our Retreat’ – Abundant growth in a small space

Compact and productive growing space on a corner block. The raised beds are in a shade cloth covered space, where a diversity of vegetables can be grown most of the year round. Composting, worm farms, native bees and chickens.

Our Retreat, Gwandalan
Gwandalan and Summerland Point Community Garden


Gwandalan and Summerland Point Community Garden – Welcoming and secluded

Welcoming and beautifully maintained space tucked within Landcare managed bushland. Contains garden allotments (for lease) surrounded by fruit trees. Focus on organic gardening.

Summerland Point

Blue Swimmer Cottage – the legacy garden

Productive and pretty suburban corner block with many well established and interesting fruit trees, a veggie patch and flower/tea garden. Small frog pond with edibles, under a beautiful custard apple tree.

Blue Swimmer Cottage, Summerland Point
Pickle's Patch, Chain Valley Bay

Chain Valley Bay

Pickle’s Patch – Fascinating and portable systems

Wide variety of trees, shrubs, berries and veggies in pots and raised beds on a rental property. Extensive knowledge in growing and using many different medicinal herbs. Amazing aquaponics system


The Giving Farm – Connected and giving back to the Earth

Large flower, garlic and pick your own blueberry farm. Market garden style veggie rows and a menagerie of gorgeous animals, baby goats, baby cows and more.

The Giving Farm, Jilliby
Alan Foods Market Garden & Food Forest, Jilliby


Alan Foods Market Garden & Food Forest – Sustainability focused

Organic Market Garden using permaculture principles and diverse hedgerows. Michael and Alison sell their organic veggies and microgreens at their farmgate, roadside stall and Farmers Markets. The property includes large onsite compost and seedling production and a young but expansive food forest.


Gavann Garden Farm – Living their values

Abundant covered market gardens using raised and keyhole beds. Gavin and Ann produce seedlings and fresh veggies for sale at their farmgate. The property includes a small orchard and nursery, free range chickens and bee hives. The structures have been cleverly repurposed from available resources.

Gavann Farm, Jilliby
Frog Hollow, Watanobbi


Frog Hollow – Cottage garden feel with quirky artistic flair

Delightful 30 year old garden producing chemical free food and a home for wildlife, birds, insects, bees and humans. Wicking and raised garden beds, aquaponics, worm farms and permaculture systems mixed with quirky upcycled art pieces.


SWAMP – Wisdom and connection

Established as a place to grow food and connect community, SWAMP is situated on the Central Coast Wetlands. The Old Pioneer Dairy. The site has cultural, historical and agricultural significance. With a mix of raised and in ground beds, SWAMP features trailing paths, vertical growing areas, chickens and inviting seating areas to share and learn.

SWAMP, Tuggerah

Mid Central Coast Region

Eagle Ridge Farm, Fountaindale. Photo credit: Sandi Pointner


Eagle Ridge Farm – Vibrant permaculture

A vibrant permaculture demonstration site on acreage, with integrated animal systems (goats, ducks, chickens and rabbits), dams, kitchen garden, established citrus/blueberry orchards, food forest and beautifully diverse bushland. Eagle Ridge runs Permaculture education courses as well as hosting other ethically aligned courses, workshops and community activities.


Little Feet Gourmet – Hand tools, hard work and terrific veggies

Lush and abundant market gardens with farmgate stall on acreage. Seed raising greenhouse, multiple polytunnels and 70m long open air garden beds. Kelly’s growing style is traditional, no-till, organic market gardening with no chemical sprays or synthetic fertilisers. She grows from seed, and companion plants using herbs and flowers to encourage beneficial insects.

Little Feet Gourmet, Ourimbah
Ron's Public Patch, Bateau Bay

Bateau Bay

Ron’s Public Patch – Community growing

Ron’s garden features young fruit trees which, while they mature, are underplanted with enough vegetables to keep family and neighbours fed. The private garden flows effortlessly onto public land. Rhonda’s aim is to create more interest in permaculture in the neighbourhood by sharing food and friendship.

Bateau Bay

Bateau Bay Community Garden – Social connections in a healthy & active setting

This accessible garden has multiple raised beds and includes some chickens, native bees and a large frog pond. A mural welcomes you to this garden and art and sculpture features throughout. Newcomers are very welcome in this joyous place.

Bateau Bay Community Garden
Firescreek Botanical Winery, Holgate


Firescreek Botanical Winery – Garden and a tipple

Large organic property growing 40-50 different fruits, herbs and flowers that are turned into wine. Tastings and sales on site. Picturesque grounds with walking paths. Firescreek Winery offers workshops in foraging and mixology.


Synergy Permaculture Patch – Thoughtful design & an ephemeral pond

This accessible garden has multiple raised beds and includes some chickens, native bees and a large frog pond. A mural welcomes you to this garden and art and sculpture features throughout. Newcomers are very welcome in this joyous place.

Synergy Permaculture Patch
Narara Eco Village


Narara Eco Village (7 gardens) – One stop shop

With 7 gardens to see at this stop, allow some time. These gardens have everything from fully potted productive patches, raised garden beds, food forests, greenhouse and glasshouse infrastructure, a market garden, guild plantings, new and established fruit and nut trees, chooks, all forms of composting and soil improvement methods. The Coffee Cart will be open and fresh produce for sale. This stop will be great for kids too.


Kariong Eco Garden – A warm hug

A vibrant Community Garden plus nature play area in bushland behind. A food forest follows the fenceline. There are raised beds, a herb spiral, labyrinth garden and a meeting space with local Indigenous art and words of welcome along with stunning mosaic pathways. Tours and talks with Lisa Wriley on the half hour. The Repair Café will be open too.

Kariong Eco Garden
The Farm, Gosford


The Farm – A school ag farm in transition

The Farm features extensive infrastructure including green and glass houses, animal enclosures for pigs, chickens and ducks, hoop houses and more. The orchard is transitioning to a food forest while a mandala garden is taking form between traditional rowed veggie beds, flanked by new swales on contour. Surrounded by paddocks with friendly cows, and with a strong and enthusiastic workforce of high school students, this is a very productive farm – right in the centre of Gosford.

North Gosford

Heart Based Holistic Living

This suburban garden features raised hügelkultur beds with ollas; a butterfly and bee garden, herb spiral and a native garden to provide habitat for wildlife. Wanda has sourced edible plants from her Uruguayan heritage.

Heart Based Holistic Living, North Gosford
Clara's Urban Mini-Farm

North Gosford

Clara’s Urban Mini-Farm – Productive little homestead

Four-year-old productive homestead on suburban block, with charming chooks, a variety of young fruit trees, multiple veggie beds with clever vertical growing systems with protection from regular wildlife visitors. Along with the chickens you’ll meet rabbits, quail, fish and frogs in the boat pond, plus busy beehives. A mushroom enthusiast, Clara grows on logs and in buckets, and runs workshops regularly. Seedlings and propagated cuttings available for sale.

North Gosford

Sonja’s Garden – Every space utilised

Corner suburban block making the most of every available space and cleverly designed for wheelchair access including waist high wicking beds, a food forest, pond, plant guilds, native edibles, a hügelkultur strawberry bed, 31 fruit trees plus many fruiting shrubs, bramble hedges and vines.

Sonja's Garden, North Gosford
James and Naomi's Garden, Wyoming


James and Noami’s Garden – Recent transformation

Productive new permaculture garden. Lawn and concrete have been transformed into garden beds and orchards with lots of soil improvement along the way. The gardens feature natives, vegetable beds, a herb spiral, native bees and a small pond. An excellent garden for novices to visit, ask questions and to be encouraged and inspired.

Southern Central Coast & Peninsula


Laneway Garden – Good vibes working together

A great example of neighbours of all ages working together in a shared space building raised beds, water catchment systems, bulk worm farms, utilising food waste from LikeMinds cafe down the street. This is a micro community space growing annuals, perennials, fruit trees and herbs, with lovely views and happy vibes. Park near LikeMinds Avoca and grab a map to find your way to this hidden treasure.

Laneway Garden, Avoca
Bel and Steve's Tranquil Haven, Avoca


Bel and Steve’s Tranquil Haven – A feast for the senses

Steep suburban site, redesigned two years ago to gain more usable space, includes chickens and densely planted roses, flowers and vegetables – an artist and a farmer’s son have created an abundance of food in a colourful, aromatic and beautifully harmonious design.


Charlotte’s Coastal Patch – Inviting edible design

Attractive front garden and verge featuring Corten steel and stone edge raised beds producing vegetables, herbs and beneficial plantings. The area includes clever gabion walled seating around a firepit and a protected outside eating area. Great example of a garden growing despite the elements, particularly salt and wind off the ocean. The backyard includes chooks, multiple raised no dig beds plus citrus and espaliered fig.

Charlotte's Coastal Patch
Casa de Colzey, Woy Woy

Woy Woy

Casa de Colzey – Family, food and fruit!

Extensive food garden featuring raised beds, many multiples of vertical growing systems and very narrow pathways with direct street frontage. Great examples of chop n drop mulching to reduce inputs and improve soil fertility, espaliered fruit trees, vines, berries, abundance everywhere you look!

Woy Woy

Woy Woy Peninsula Community Garden – Thriving, abundant community hub

10 year old Community Garden with extensive food forests, many raised beds for annuals, a meditative space enclosed by a herb spiral, wonderful infrastructure including a secure seed bank, outdoor gathering space under shady trees, friendly faces and community spirit a plenty. Wheelchair accessible

Woy Woy Peninsula Community Garden
Woy Woy City Farm

Woy Woy

Woy Woy City Farm – In its infancy

Brand new garden featuring raised beds, multiple vertical growing spaces, herb spiral, large chicken run, established mango and macadamia trees, aquaponics system all with the aim to reduce grocery bills and increase food security for their large family.

Booker Bay

Ali’s Garden – Tiny space, lots of produce

Abundant production in a courtyard garden, with harvested produce featuring heavily in Ali’s catering business – a mix of annuals and perennials, taking advantage of vertical growing spaces and dwarf fruit trees. Great example of converting neglected sandy weeds into nutrient rich productive soil.

Ali's Garden, Booker Bay
Earth Driven Collective, Empire Bay

Empire Bay

Earth Driven Collective – Food and medicine in a healthy space

A wide variety of annuals and perennials with fruit trees and artistic flourishes. Many plantings for medicinal use. As a qualified chef, Lorrae experiments with new tastes and flavours through her garden. Brand new pond for frogs and water loving edibles.


Ukuzala – Mandala and Food Forest

Showcases a large mandala garden and extensive food forest – both only two years old but very productive and extremely attractive. Produce from the mandala garden is regularly donated to community organisations. A huge flowing pond increases biodiversity and creates habitat for the local wildlife.

Ukuzala, Killcare
Permie Life Garden, Killcare


Permie Life Garden – A beautiful mess

Cottage style edible garden with perennials, annuals and fruit trees interspersed. Vertical growing and wildlife protection in use, chickens with deep litter system, ponds, green manure beds, and new verge garden.