ALAN Foods

Organic Market Garden using permaculture principles and diverse hedgerows. Michael and Alison sell their organic veggies and microgreens at their farmgate, roadside stall and Farmers Markets. The property includes large onsite compost and seedling production and a young but expansive food forest.

Saturday opening hours

10:00 am


4:00 pm

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ALAN Foods is a non-certified organic market garden in Jilliby. Our farm uses high rotation beds, that incorporate syntropic agriculture principles with the implementation of hedge rows in-between the annual crop beds. There is also two poly tunnels where the warmer loving crops are grown, they also help with season extension.

We have gradually planted out a food forest with over 50 varieties of fruit, nut and support species trees. While they are still small, as you wonder through the growing trees, you can only imagine the bounty of food that will be available in the future.

To visit the garden please come on Saturday only. But if you’re coming by on Sunday, our farm gate will be open selling produce on both Saturday and Sunday.


Parking: Plenty of ONSITE parking, please enter through signed driveway and follow the signs. Park at an angle to the house to allow for traffic flow. Accessibility: Some parts of the garden may be accessible by wheelchair or walking frame, however the ground is unsealed and undulating which may be challenging. Hazards: This is a working farm, the ground is uneven at times, please watch your step. Please do not touch any of the tools unless supervised by an ALAN Foods team member. Keep to the paths at all times.

Tour Times

Tours from Pot Shed at 11am and 2pm. (approx. 1.5hrs duration including questions)