Delightful 30 year old garden producing chemical free food and a home for wildlife, birds, insects, bees and humans. Wicking and raised garden beds, aquaponics, worm farms and permaculture systems mixed with quirky upcycled art pieces.

Saturday opening hours

9:30 am


4:00 pm


Froghollow is 30 years in the making and filled with quirky op shop/rubbish pile creations. After 30 years of no chemicals or artificial fertilizers and using permaculture principles the garden is alive with frogs, insects, butterflies, bees, wasps, blue tongue lizards and a resident possum. Bee motels, a possum box and ponds provide lots of habitat. Native bee hives are thriving. The vegetable garden was originally on the ground but as we have aged we have made raised garden beds that we can sit on the edge of to garden and raised recycled  bathtub wicking beds to save our knees! Worm farms and compost bays take care of our waste and provide lots of compost.  There is a large run for our heritage chickens with some fruit trees in it as well. A small aquaponics system with pet goldfish grows some lovely herbs. A recent addition is the native edible food garden.


Pathways have some rough raised pavers that could pose a trip hazard and small ponds could be dangerous for young children. Limited street parking