Synergy Permaculture Patch

This accessible garden features so many elements including multiple raised beds, chickens, native bees and a large ephemeral pond. Synergy Permaculture Patch is used for educational workshops and is a relaxing and inspirational space.

Sunday opening hours

9:30 am


4:00 pm

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Synergy Permaculture Patch is a place for recreation, relaxation, education and inspiration.  It is a productive, yet peaceful oasis bounded by a creek and pristine rainforest.  There is a balance between the old established ornamental elements in the garden such as the deciduous trees and formal hedges and the productive edible garden, designed according to permaculture principles.

The centre piece of the garden is the ephemeral pond, a place of beauty and biodiversity.  Planted out with grasses and plants indigenous to the area, this verdant space is the perfect breeding ground for frogs. It is surrounded by plantings of edibles, natives, perennials and beneficials and bounded by mini swales which are planted out with coffee, bananas and other fruit trees. Bush tucker plants line the boundary fence.

There are so many different elements to see in this garden from swales to hügelkultur beds, ollas, a native bee hive, insect hotel, edible water plants, multiple nutrient cycling systems such as composting and worm farming, chooks, a food forest, medicinal plants and flowering companion plants.


This semi rural block is a haven for nature and insects so we recommend wearing enclosed shoes. There are some exposed tree roots in places, so please watch your footing. It is a gently sloping block with formed paths in some areas and is partly wheelchair accessible.

Tour Times

9.30am 11am 12.30pm 2.30pm