Growing food is a revolutionary act!

The Climate Emergency: can one person really make a difference?

I’m into Permaculture – its not a cult or a religion – its a philosophy around Earth care, people care and fair share. Us permaculturalists (great word huh!), we care deeply about the planet and everything in and on it. We think its worth protecting and restoring and as a grassroots movement across the world people in permaculture are making a difference (along with lots of other cool people making cool differences too 😉

In his book ‘From What Is To What If’ Rob Hopkins said 

“if we wait for the government, it will be too late, 

if we act as individuals, it will be too little, 

if we act as communities, it might just be enough.”

It looks prettier here: 

I came across this excellent notation through the work of Brenna Quinlan – a permaculture illustrator and educator. I’m going to use some of her images in this blog post because her images get right to the point (while I could burble on for paragraphs and you might drift off to sleep before I even get close). And just so you know, I have Brenna’s permission to use these images and I support her on Patreon because she’s brilliant and people like her deserve to get paid! On ya Brenna! (I don’t know her, I just wish I did.)

So anyway, rather than hearing me wax lyrical, check this out:

So as you can see, when one person chooses this revolutionary path, there are flow on effects that ripple out, encouraging others until more and more and more and more and more join in the fun! 

So yes, I think one person can make a difference, but when many join in, we’ve got ourselves a movement. Welcome aboard! 

I rest my case! 

And yes, we know, the Climate Emergency is no joke! And it is deeply concerning…if you’re looking for ways to stay hopeful Brenna has you covered there too:

The Central Coast Edible Garden Trail is a project of Permaculture Central Coast – a local organisation with the aim to see more permaculture happening on the ground. The aim of the Trail is to encourage people to have a go at growing food and learn how to do it successfully. 

What we’re hoping, and we are seeing this happen, is that the Trail creates a network that links up experienced growers with newbies and so called brown-thumbs. For those looking for more support, we recommend becoming a member of Permaculture Central Coast, or just join the free group on Facebook, its a treasure trove of wisdom and knowledge!

I’d like to leave you with a few seeds for thought…

To the tune of Dory from Finding Nemo…”just keep planting, just keep planting…”  (I don’t think Brenna has an image for that one 😉 

Tickets on sale now for the Central Coast Edible Garden Trail