Local Food Guide – Central Coast

Local Food Guide 

Here at the Edible Garden Trail, we love growing food! But don’t be mistaken, we are not trying to be self-sufficient. In fact, once you start growing, you quickly learn that trying to provide for all of your needs is near impossible and with the demands of modern life, we are looking for balance and joy not toil and turmoil!

Community Sufficiency

That’s why we like to think we are aiming not for ‘self-sufficiency’ but for ‘community sufficiency’. What does this mean? Well we are trying to meet our food needs from a combination of growing our own, and looking to our local community to meet the rest of our needs. To that end, we have produced a Local Food Guide as a companion to the Central Coast Edible Garden Trail. 

Support Local

The Local Food Guide features a comprehensive list of our local growers who are using organic practices and regenerative farming techniques, when and where you can buy their produce including farmers markets, cooperatives, and we’ve even thrown in produce swaps which happen regularly across the coast!

The Local Food Guide has been voluntarily produced, has no affiliations – just good people producing food that is good for the planet, and good for you! Click on the Local Food Guide to download a PDF version – it is our gift to the Central Coast community!