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oranges on a tree

Ground cover for fruit trees

Permaculture Central Coast was recently asked for some ideas on what to plant under fruit trees that wouldn't compete with the trees for nutrients. Meg McGowan from Permacoach provides some great options. The notion of plants competing with each other has largely...

Growing food is a revolutionary act!

The Climate Emergency: can one person really make a difference? I’m into Permaculture - its not a cult or a religion - its a philosophy around Earth care, people care and fair share. Us permaculturalists (great word huh!), we care deeply about the planet and...

2022 garden hosts picnic at Woy Woy Peninsula Community Garden

Welcome to our new website

Our new website is live We are so excited to share our brand new website with you. For our first Trail in 2022 we were able to run things with just social media. But this year with thanks to Central Coast Council Community Grants we have been able to create a...

Natural weaving at Bateau Bay Community Garden

2022 Edible Garden Trail – Giving Back

The success of the 2022 Central Coast Edible Garden Trail took everyone by surprise. As a project of Permaculture Central Coast, it was always the aim of the Central Coast Edible Garden Trail to give back to the local community in some way. Funds raised from ticket...